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Alan S. from Florida, 16 September 2015:
I love Golf Loopy!  The short game techniques taught here are second to none.

Harry P. from South Africa, 31 August 2015:
After struggling with this game for 5 years, I joined Golf Loopy and went from a 22 to a 6 handicap in a year – your learning systems work!

Ian L. from New York, 21 June 2015:
I just joined Golf Loopy and after just one day practicing with your Pitching and Chipping system I went out and played 5 strokes better than my handicap yesterday, thanks entirely to my chipping (I only hit 3 greens!) I love how simple yet complete the system is!

Amy T. from Colorado, 10 April 2015:
I joined Golf Loopy a few days ago and I’m blown away by how great my ball striking has become. I’ve been playing golf for 20 years and I’ve never been able to hit the ball as solid as this.

George K. from Austin TX, 9 September 2015:
I love having the confidence to know that I can get on the green and usually close to the pin from 120 yards and in. I used to just hit and hope, but now I go on the attack! This game is so much more enjoyable, but maybe not for my buddies, I’ve beat them every time the last few weeks!

Frank T. from Atlanta GA, 17 August 2015:
This is the most intuitive and insightful instruction I’ve every seen, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with many well-known instructors.  Golf Loopy provides immediate improvements with tangible strokes saved.

Tom A. from England, 1 May 2015:
After years of leaving my chips short and taking three to get up and down when ever I miss the green, I’ve started to work on your short game drills. In the last five rounds I’ve not been short once and have chipped in seven times!

David R. from Australia, 24 March 2015:
I have been a member of Golf Loopy for over 18 months.  I have watched the content on the website grow and I continue to be amazed at the volume, quality and detail of the knowledge and information available.  The instruction suits my learning style, and I am encouraged to keep working harder as I learn more, and my scores improve.  Knowing what to do, and how to do it, as well as understanding the “why”, combined with some disciplined work, has paid dividends in my enjoyment of the game.
I have no doubt Golf Loopy has set a new, and higher standard for complete golf instruction.  Most importantly, the level of support from Golf Loopy instructors has been exceptional.
Golf Loopy really is the complete golf learning package!

Dustin Huerth from Rice Lake, Wisconsin, USA, 12 March 2015:
I absolutely love everything about Golf Loopy, you guys are exactly what I’ve been searching for all this time.  To be able to learn everything I need to know and then practice & develop all those things right in my own home is amazing.  You guys are equipping me with everything needed to develop a pro-quality game!

Charles and Sylvia from Utah, USA, 29 December 2014:
My wife and I love Golf Loopy!  We regret very much that we did not discover your Web site much sooner.  It is the most comprehensive, step by step set of golf instruction and golf fitness we have ever used in over 30 years of playing golf.  Thank you!

Charles M. from South Africa, 12 December 2014:
Thanks to Golf Loopy I had a great season, my handicap is now down to 1.  Your transition section transformed my swing, and I’m loving the downswing drills.
Because of your Train like a Champion system I’m fitter, more flexible and stronger than ever before, at age 50!  My distance is getting HUGE!  Thank you so much!

Joan L. from Spain, 11 December 2014:
Golf Loopy is the best!  My handicap has dropped from 16 to 6 this year, and I am hitting the ball better and longer with every club in the bag.  I really look forward to what’s coming in 2015!
Getting better at golf is hard work when you have a demanding job and family commitments, but with Golf Loopy I have a “roadmap” so that I know the time I put in to my practice will pay off.

Lisa K. from Singapore, 18 October 2014:
Your full swing instruction is superb, and the putting and pitching & chipping techniques have been a revelation!  Brilliant!

Kenny M. from Ireland, 20 September 2014:
The best golf instruction I’ve ever seen, period!

David C. from Dublin, Ireland, 03 September 2014:
I just wanted to say thanks and to keep up the good work!  I started back playing golf after a 5 year absence a couple of months ago and thankfully found golf loopy.  I won my first ever major club competition on Saturday, by two shots playing off the back tees.  I’m over the moon to have my work pay off and your instruction deserves enormous credit!
I’m optimistic and enthusiastic about my golf game for the first time in my life!

A.B. from Richmond, VA, 20 August 2014:
I have been working very hard on the transition using your drills and have been making phenomenal progress.  I have added at least 30 yards to my tee shots, improved my misses, and have significantly improved my contact with all clubs.  Thank you very much for all your help!

David B. from England, 4 November 2014:
I love golfloopy.com, it’s made a huge difference to every aspect of my game and I’m enjoying myself out on the course so much more than before.

Jimmy S. from NY, 3 October 2014:
After years and years of floundering, trying tip after tip, lessons, books, videos, gadgets, you name it!  I came across Golf Loopy 3 months ago and I’m now playing the best golf of my life by far!  I can’t thank you enough!  WOW!

Landon Michelson from Miami, FL, 7 September 2014:
As a college and professional golfer, I’ve worked with some of the best trainers in the USA and paid a lot of money for workouts like your 560 programme.  The videos and walkthroughs really help me stay on form.  Thank you!

Landon Michelson from Miami, FL, 20 August 2014:
Hey guys I play professional golf down in south Florida and I’ve been an avid reader of the site for a couple of years now.  I love what you guys are saying.  I have realized a lot of the things you guys are taking about in my own practice and self searching.  Just wanted to say keep up the good work and that I love the site!

J.Q. from Saratoga Springs, NY, 19 July 2014:
Finally.  Intelligent, precise instruction and explanation on how to build a reliable golf swing.  Please include me as a more than satisfied member who was tired of the quick fix articles and tips that only served as band aids to an ailing golf swing.  The Golf Loopy system has improved my ball striking and short game while lowering my scores from the low 80’s to the mid 70’s.
I never really understood the movements of a good golf swing until I studied your system.  Congrats and keep the info flowing.  It works.

D.R. from Wisconsin, 18 June 2014:
A little over 3 weeks ago, after another frustrating round, I thought I probably should just quit golfing and find another pastime.  Obviously this game was to difficult to play on a level I could enjoy.
Well, by chance, I came across your site.  I read the introduction, it makes very bold claims as you know.  But after reading further I could tell the claims were backed up by solid reasoning.  I joined a couple of days later.
I put the clubs away and practiced the drills for two weeks.  Trying to stay away from actual golf was/is hard when I have been armed with a clear understanding of the swing.
Well today I put my limited Golf Loopy swing to the test.  The ball flies straight!  I need to relax the hands and arms for more distance.  I am confident that will come!
Instead of quitting a favorite pastime, I’m now setting my sights on my goal of a single digit handicap!
So thanks and keep up the good work.  Ill spread the word to other frustrated golfers.

Ciaran from Dublin, Ireland, 17 June 2014:
Just want to say that your site is magnificent.  As we all know golf is a difficult game to explain and understand the finer details of the swing.  Golf Loopy is the first site I’ve ever seen that explains it coherently.

Wayne W. from Australia, 22 May 2014:
I can’t believe how good this Golf Loopy site is.  I am 56, have played golf since I was 15, and played off 7 or 8 for 30 years.  I sort of gave it away for 10 years, building houses and bringing up kids.  Plus I had 2 hips replaced and had a serious back injury.
Back playing again seriously the last 2 years and since finding this site, I don’t think I have enjoyed golf as much since I was 15 years old.   Playing off 13 now, but can see some serious signs of playing off a single figure handicap again.
Thanks for a great site!

Mori T. from Texas, 23 April 2014:
I took the first place yesterday, shooting 74 on a par 71 course.  1 over on the front, and 2 over on the back.
I carry 12 handicap with my group so the 62 net was untouchable, even by the guys with single digit handicaps.
I am telling you right now, my game was elevated to this level all thanks to golfloopy.com!
Now I am getting greedy and I want to know what is like to shoot even par and perhaps under par!

Scott C. from Florida, 15 May 2014 :
I don’t write thank you emails much, but here I am compelled to write this email to you – to thank you for for this website.
I have started working on rebuilding my golf swing from scratch, and it was your website that gave me the courage to do so.  It is a lot of work but your teaching and information is perfect for someone like me.  I finally got a great takeaway because of your teaching and videos and I’m very excited to continue this journey.  I’ve started your program from a 15 handicap and honestly believe that, with your help, I can get down to a 5 by the end of the year.
Please keep up the great work and again thank you so much!

Bill M., 15 April 2014:
Wonderful job.  I’ve struggled for years, and wasted a lot of money, trying to learn and understand the golf swing.  Your lessons are beautifully written and the drills are amazingly effective and easy to master.  I particularly benefited from knowing the proper sequencing that ties them all together.  Wish I had found this 10 years ago!!
You gave me back the love of playing the game that I thought was lost forever.
Thank you very much!!

Mori T. from Texas, 16 March 2014:
Just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful web site, the best golf instruction site in the world!
Yesterday, I took the first place individual and team at our local tournament.  I was 5 over after 6th hole and then went 2 under for the remaining 12 holes. I shot my career best of 75.
After scrambling for a par at 7th, we had a long wait at 8th tee box.  I had plenty time to day dream about the Golf Loopy swing, then suddenly every swing felt effortless, I was making solid contact with perfect balance at the finish.  For the first time ever, I knew what is like to be in the “zone”.
I am getting the full enjoyment out of golf now, I simply love it!  Thanks again, please keep up the good work.
Also, after collecting my winnings, I made an official announcement by preaching golfloopy.com.  Please share this message with everyone so that I can make them believers too!

Vincent D. from New York, 26 February 2014:
Thank you!  Your web site has turned my 71 yr. old body into a mobile supple swinging machine and my scores have dropped into the 80s.

Don M. from Oregon, 11 February 2014:
Greetings, Just a short note to tell I think your website on golf is the best I’ve seen.  Have been working with program for about five months.  Even though I’m 80 years old and played to a 4 when I was younger;  I am now hitting the ball straighter and more consistently than at any time in my life.  Have played golf since I was 20 years old.  For the first time I feel I finally know what I’m doing.  How I wish this type of information had been available when I was young.  Probably would have been scratch and had a lot more fun.  Again, many thanks for your wonderful website.

B.R. from Hawaii, 05 February 2014:
Wow!…. Just started using your release technique today for the first time… the change in how my swing power is generated is so different that it almost feels like I never knew how to swing at all… after about 30 minutes of clubless practice and then an hour of hitting balls at the range I began to be able to hit my iron shots dead straight, high, and with unreal power that was about half of the physical effort I have been using… mind blowing stuff…
I then played 9 holes and hit 7 of 9 greens (I missed one with a PW from 115 yds and the other with a sand wedge from 65 yds… both of these have been bread and butter shots for me but I got fairly tired and lost a bit of focus, not my release’s fault, should have been 9/9).
I added 10-15 yds to my 7-6-5 irons and was just pounding my driver… not all perfect but what can you expect from an hour and a half at the range and then playing 9 holes…
I am so excited… this is the first time I have the feeling that I may actually be able to have a scratch player’s swing…
Late in the practice session if you were watching you would have thought you were watching someone who might be a pro… no kidding… I even had one fella come over and sit and watch me practice… he said he was amazed at how I could turn thru the ball because all the fellas he plays with in their late 60’s and up simply cannot do this…
Thanks so much for this fantastic information… I have wanted to be able to develop a great golf swing for almost 40 years and now it looks like it’s going to happen… cool!

Blake Adam Sims, PGA from Austin, TX” image=”http://www.golfloopy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Blake-Adam-Sims-PGA.jpg”
Hello, I just wanted to let you know as a PGA Professional and golf instructor, this is one of the best, most resourceful sites for the swing I have ever seen. Absolutely hooked and loving every page. It’s so easy find exactly what you’re looking for and I’m using it to help my students with their swings and help them understand too. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Harry T. from Palatine, IL
I’ve been playing golf for over 50 years and this is the best instruction I have ever come across!

Josh T. from New South Wales
I am a 4 handicap and I’m following your system to the letter and finding a huge improvement in my ball striking already!

James S. from San Diego, CA
I’ve spent years trying to improve without success, I’ve read every book, watched every video and taken lessons from some of the top instructors. Golf Loopy has changed all that and my swing is improving beyond recognition! Thank you!!!

Dave H. from Gauteng, South Africa
I just wanted to say thank you for your site. I’m a scratch golfer and I have to say its the best golf instruction I’ve ever read! It all makes so much sense and now I really understand how the swing works and how to improve.

Debbie L. from Oakland, CA
I love your site! Best golf instruction EVER!

Kevin J. from Atlanta, GA
I’ve spent a small fortune on golf instruction over the years, but this is by far the best I’ve seen, at any price!

Sara P. from Ireland
Golf Loopy has allowed me to play the best golf of my life.  I now know so much more about my golf swing and how to continue improving.

Lorenzo M. from Ann Arbor, MI
I’ve been an avid student of the game of golf for over 40 years and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything as good as Golf Loopy.  Great job guys!

Ken A. from Tacoma, WA
Today I went out and broke 80 for the first time ever (21 hcp), and that’s just after working on your setup and takeaway drills for a few weeks. I’m really excited about my golf!

Peter L. from Scottsdale, AZ
Who would have thought that fixing my takeaway would make me improve by so much?! My buddies can’t believe how well I’m hitting the ball! Golf Loopy is the best!!!

Tina D. from Sao Paulo, Brazil
I believe this is the best golf training program available and I would recommend Golf Loopy to anyone looking to learn a great golf swing.

Tobias J. from France
Thank you for a gold mine of information, I am enjoying my golf so much more, and my scores are dropping fast!

Tom R. from Philadelphia, PA
I’m an engineer and a keen golfer, and I love that Golf Loopy’s instruction is fundamentally sound and based on proper science. It explains why you are making the changes you are, how the mechanics work, how your body works, and then how to make those changes. This is excellent instruction, the best there is, I learned more in the first few hours of reading your site than in the previous 3 years of taking lessons and studying with other websites!

Joseph P. from Ontario, Canada
For the first time in years I’m playing golf without pain. Thank you thank you thank you!

Anna F. from Rochester, NY
I’m so impressed with your clear concise and uncomplicated explanation of the golf swing. For the first time I’m starting to understand how the golf swing should work, and I’m improving quickly thanks to Golf Loopy.

Bill K. from England
I was about to give up when a friend recommended Golf Loopy – and WOW! What an improvement! It turns out I can play this game after all!

Jill P. from Jacksonville, FL
With Golf Loopy I now understand not just what to do, but how to do it, how to move and how to learn, this is fantastic stuff!

Rohit T. from Karnataka, India
Thank you very much for all the articles. I have enjoyed learning from them so far and my handicap has dropped from 24 to 16 this year.

Danny W. from Germany
I am a +2 handicapper but for the first time I really understand the golf swing!  Golf Loopy is without a doubt the best golf instruction resource anywhere on the internet.

John S. from Marlborough, MA
Where have you been all my life?! I’ve taken dozens of lessons with PGA professionals, been to golf boot camps, watched all the videos, read all the books and magazines, and bought loads of gadgets. Nothing worked until I found Golf Loopy! I can’t thank you enough!

Iain D. from Scotland
I was starting to believe my golf would never get better, but after my instructor told me about Golf Loopy it was like throwing a switch, a real eureka moment! This is the best instruction on the market!

George M. from Pembroke Pines, FL
I’m 76 years young and since I found Golf Loopy I’ve recovered all the distance I’ve lost and more. My ball striking is the best it’s ever been (I used to play at an international amateur level). I shot my age last week and I’m truly excited about getting to the golf course once more.

Jason B. from Boca Raton, FL
Golf Loopy gives you the answers that golf teachers either don’t tell you or don’t know, it is by far the best golf instruction I have ever seen! Please keep up the good work!!!

Tracy R. from British Columbia, Canada
Golf Loopy’s instruction is simple and effective, I’ve been working on your drills for just over a month and I’m already noticing improvements in my swing and my scores. I also love that you can work on it from home so I can continue to improve through the winter!

Patrick C. from Los Angeles, CA
I’m a scratch golfer and a keen student of the game.  I’ve studied all of the various swing theories, but Golf Loopy is the only one that makes sense to me from a scientific standpoint and also matches my experience.  It is helping my own game tremendously and I’m sharing it with all of my college teammates.