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More About Golf Loopy

Golf Loopy is dedicated to helping golfers play the golf of their dreams, and get a lot more fun from this great game.

Golf Loopy is a team of golf fanatics, including accomplished golfers, golf teaching professionals, and leading experts in sports biomechanics, kinesiology, physical therapy, sports psychology, physics, mechanics, human anatomy, human physiology, and neuroscience.

No matter what your current age or ability, we can help you to build a tour calibre swing, hit the best shots of your life, enjoy this wonderful game more than ever, and lower your scores dramatically.

Golf Loopy revolutionises golf instruction, simplifies the way that golf is taught, and enables any golfer to make impressive and lasting improvements to their golf swing quickly and easily.

This is a radically new approach to golf tuition, a complete golf swing learning system, born from objective science and designed around the way we all learn new movement patterns.

Join us today, and you’ll quickly start shooting lower scores and getting a lot more fun out of this great game!

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