Introduction to the Swing like a Champion System


Swing like a Champion is a proven system that gives you everything you need to build the golf swing of your dreams.

Golf Loopy revolutionises golf instruction, simplifies the way that golf is taught, and enables any golfer to make dramatic and lasting improvements to their golf swing quickly and easily.

This is a radically new approach to golf tuition, a complete golf swing learning system, born from objective science and designed around the way we all learn new movement patterns.

There are no gimmicks and no catches.  We won’t try to sell you useless training gadgets or DVDs.  We won’t bombard you with nonsense like weight-loss programmes and dietary supplements.  And unlike every other golf instruction site, we won’t offer you “tips”, “secrets”, and “quick fixes” that leave you floundering and searching for “it” again a week later.


The Swing like a Champion system teaches you the simplest, the most powerful and efficient, and the most effective way to swing a golf club.


Swing like a Champion is simple to follow, but it does require commitment and dedicated time and effort.  Our 8-Week Programme promises you a great golf swing in 2 months by practising for just half an hour a day, 6 days a week, in the comfort of your own home.

If you are serious about improving your golf, this is a complete system that we guarantee will give you a great golf swing very quickly, lower your scores, and help you to enjoy the game more for the rest of your life.

And for golfers who want to play at the highest levels, Swing like a Champion will put you on a lifelong path to true mastery of the golf swing.

Swing like a Champion doesn’t require any particular talent, fitness level or athletic ability, though it will enable you to get the very most from your body and your creativity.


In our trials with hundreds of golfers, from high handicap weekend-warriors to accomplished amateurs and aspiring tour professionals, the vast majority of golfers better than halved their handicaps in six months.


Swing like a Champion describes the full swing.  It’s aim is to put you in the middle of the fairway a long way out, enable you to hit straighter, more penetrating golf shots, and to attack the flag stick with your approach shots.  Other sections of this site will discuss the rest of the game, including putting, chipping, pitching, the sand game, trouble play, golf fitness, course management and the mental game.



Swing like a Champion is based on three integrated parts;

  1. the Swing Pattern,
  2. the Swing System, and
  3. the 8-Week Programme.


The Swing Pattern

The Swing like a Champion Swing Pattern describes, in full, the correct way to move your body in order to strike the ball most effectively.

It is based purely on objective and proven science and medical fact.  It has been designed, developed, and verified over the last 12 years by leading experts in physics, mechanics, human anatomy, and sports biomechanics.  And although it’s based on science, it’s very simple to follow for any golfer.

It’s focus is on the dynamics of the golf swing, rather than static positions — it’s about the efficient creation, storage, transmission and application of power to the golf ball.

It explains how human body must move in order to strike the ball in the most efficient, effective and consistent way possible.

It describes the precise sequence of movements, often down to the individual muscles used, that will enable any golfer to swing a golf club in the most effective way possible.

It simplifies the golf swing, eliminating the ambiguity and harmful compensations that cause the golfer inconsistency and frustration.

It’s safe.  Because it’s based on the way the human body is designed to move, it greatly reduces strain placed on the body, eliminating or dramatically reducing back pain, muscular discomfort and the risk of injury that golfers of all ages and abilities have always struggled with.


The Swing System

If the Swing Pattern describes the “what” and “why” of the golf swing, then the Swing System describes the “how”.

The Swing like a Champion system describes the best way to build a great golf swing, enabling you to get rid of bad habits and make rapid, lasting improvement.

It uses the latest research in motor learning to break a great golf swing down into simple “chunks”, isolating specific movements and helping the brain to ingrain them in “muscle memory”, before building on them, combining them and ingraining them to give you a great golf swing.

The Swing System is complete, with no contradictions or ambiguities, describing what to do and how to do it for every aspect of the golf swing.

It provides simple, precise, step by step instruction with checkpoints and milestones that let you monitor your progress and quickly identify problems.

It is based on a specific sequence of instruction and drills that systematically enable you to build a great golf swing as fast as possible while making sure that improvements are permanent.

As well as the “what” and the “how”, we also give you the “why”.  Each step is explained in detail, so that you can understand why it is necessary and how it works.

The Swing System can be practised, almost entirely, in the comfort of your own home without any special equipment.  It’s only in the final stages that you’ll need to take it to the practice range.


I wish to emphasize that there are no secrets to golf.  The secret of success is practice, constant but intelligent practice. — Ernest Jones


The 8-Week Programme

The Swing like a Champion 8-Week Programme provides a framework for building a great golf swing as quickly as possible.

Step by step, session by session, it guides you through the process.

It follows the Swing like a Champion system, each session describing in detail what drills to work on and how to practise them most effectively.

Based on the latest research into how we learn new movement patterns, the 8-Week Programme will give you the best results in the shortest possible time.

Depending on the time you can commit to the process, and on the bad habits that you’ve ingrained in the past, you may choose to take less than 8 weeks or more to complete the programme.  But if you can practise for 10 minutes, 3 times a day, in the focussed way that the 8-Week Programme describes, then you will have a great golf swing in less than 2 months, guaranteed.

And after 8 weeks, the Programme provides a framework for continuous improvement and refinement of your golf swing.

Swing like a Champion will continue to support you throughout your golfing life, whether you just want to have bragging rights with your buddies, to win your Club Championship, or to take your game to the highest possible levels.


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