How to Use the Putt like a Champion System


Putt like a Champion is a simple, structured plan that guarantees rapid and long-term, sustainable improvement, and consistently great performance on the greens.

The system comprises a series of instructional articles, drills and games, all managed within a six-stage putting improvement process.

The articles will help you to understand what you are trying to do and why, so that you feel able to fully commit to the process, and the practice sessions provide a clear series of steps to follow that you can trust to improve your game quickly.



The system is divided into six practice session levels.

Each level builds upon the last, as you progress, moving in logical order to most effectively develop your skills.

The levels progress from Week 1: Technique through to Week 5: Touch and Focus, and finally Practise like a Champion.  The Practise like a Champion session is designed to be used going forwards to further develop and maintain your performance over the long-term.

The system is designed to be self-paced, enabling you to progress according to your own skill levels, and on the time you are able to commit.  On average, students who are able to devote three half-hour practice sessions per week on the putting green, plus regular practice at home, are expected to spend approximately one week at each level.

Some levels may take you more than three sessions (one week) to complete, some less.  Use the performance tests for each session to help determine if you are ready to progress to the next level.  Do not rush the process, you need solid foundations.

For more information on the structure of a practice session, see The Perfect Practice Session.

The practice regimen prescribed by this system is suitable for any putting style, not just the putting technique taught by Golf Loopy.  If you have a putting style that works well for you, then you may wish to skip or alter the first (Week 1: Technique) level to suit your own needs.

Make sure that, after every session, you complete your practice session log.  This is a crucial part of the learning process.  Use your game scores to monitor your progress over time.

We recommend that you decide what practice schedule you are able to commit to, and share this with your Golf Loopy instructor.  Send your instructor a copy of your practice session log after each session, this visibility will help you to stay focussed and accountable to the plan.

Each level also includes homework to guide your practice between the sessions spent on the putting green.  Just a few minutes per day of focussed, high intensity practice, following your plan, will quickly produce amazing results.


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