Golf Swing Drill 508c. Downswing: The Speed Arm Throw


This drill is one of our students’ all-time favourites, and with very good reason, it’s all about gaining distance!

Your trail arm, the “speed arm”, is primarily responsible for transferring energy up the kinetic chain, from your torso and through to the golf club.  By learning to use your speed arm properly, you can more efficiently transform the rotational power of your body into club head speed where it counts, through impact!

With this drill you will quickly develop the proper movements and sequencing by learning how to feel them, step by step.  For many golfers, this will be the first time that they truly understand what a great golf swing actually feels like.

The results will be dramatic.  You will learn how to strike the ball better and more consistently than ever before, and you will generate massive amounts of additional club head speed.  Our students have been known to increase their club head speed by as much as 20mph in just one session, and that can be worth an extra 50 yards off the tee!

As well as giving you massive distance, this drill will help golfers of all levels to improve their ball striking and eradicate a number of damaging faults from their swings, including getting “stuck”, spinning out of the shot, early extension, and coming “over the top”.

The Drill

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…If you ever feel your swing getting “out of sync” – if your ball-striking is poor, or maybe you find yourself “coming over the top” and slicing the ball, or “getting stuck” and blocking shots right or hitting snap-hooks, or you feel like you are “spinning out of the shot” – then you will often find that a few practice swings using the final stage of this drill will quickly get you back on track.

Train each arm separately, using the “Control Arm” drills and then the “Speed Arm” drills, ingraining the feelings for each, before combining them into a great, balanced golf swing.

For more information on how the speed arm works in a great golf swing, see The Role of the Right Arm in the Golf Downswing.

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