Golf Swing Drill 508a. Downswing: The Speed Arm Axe Drill


This drill will enable you to hit the ball much further and to strike it more purely than ever before!

You will quickly learn how how to generate much more club head speed and strike the ball more solidly with every swing.  You will also learn how to avoid some of the most damaging problems faced by amateur golfers;  casting the golf club, striking the ground before the ball, inefficient ball-striking, and hitting the ball too high.

This is the first of four drills that will help you to feel how to use your speed arm in the golf swing, and to ingrain the correct movements in order to quickly deliver significant and permanent improvements to your game.

The speed arm is the right arm, for a right-handed golfer, and is so named because it has primary responsibility for transferring and amplifying the energy generated by the big muscles in your lower body and your core through to the golf club, in the form of club head speed.

And it’s not just about distance, learning to use the speed arm correctly will also dramatically improve the quality of your ball-striking.

For more information on how the speed arm works in a great golf swing, see The Role of the Right Arm in the Golf Downswing.


The Drill

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…If you want generate Tour-calibre club head speed and to hit the ball further than ever before, or you struggle to strike the ball consistently well, then this drill will soon make a huge difference to your golf swing, and to your scores.


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Coming next:  we’ll refine the movement slightly, and give you another way to feel the correct motion, in Golf Swing Drill 508b – Downswing: The Speed Arm Hand Clap Drill.


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