8 Weeks to a Great Golf Swing


Welcome to the Golf Loopy 8 Weeks to a Great Golf Swing programme – a step-by-step, session-by-session guide that will walk you through the Swing like a Champion system, transforming your golf swing in just 8 weeks.

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The 8-week programme laid out below consists of three high intensity 10 minute sessions per day, six days per week, plus some low intensity free practice activities.

Each session is named according to the drill which is the main focus of that session, though it will usually include other drills.

Each session has a printable practice plan and a session log.  You should complete the log after every practice session and file it in your practice journal, as described in Accountability to the Plan.  This is a crucial part of the learning process!

You can print some extra session logs by clicking here.

The session plans contain summaries of the drills, but you should regularly refer to the full drill articles and related instruction for guidance.

Apologies to our left-handed students, but for simplicity all of the drills are described for a right-handed golfer.



If you wish, you can spread the sessions out over a longer period, but you should try to maintain a high level of learning intensity.  If you miss a day, take a step back and repeat the previous day’s sessions.

The schedule below is based on working Monday to Saturday, but work on the days that suit you best.

We don’t recommend that you try to accelerate the process too much.  If you are able to perform all of the drills in a given session perfectly on more than 4 out of every 5 attempts, you should step up the difficulty or progress to the next session.

If you’re already a scratch golfer, where should you start?  At the beginning.  If your basics are flawed, then anything you attempt using those basic skills will require compensations, you can’t do that consistently well, and it’s much harder to improve.  Take the time to sharpen a basic skill, and anything you do with that skill will improve automatically.

The free practice activities may be performed at any time during your day, just a few minutes at a time if you wish, but don’t neglect them.

Have at least one rest day per week.  Motor learning is a biological process that is triggered by intense practice, but the “brain growth” happens mostly while you rest.

If you wish to perform multiple sessions as a block, that’s okay, but make sure that you take at least a few minutes “down time” between sessions, to complete your session log and perhaps to work on the free practice activities.  The intense focus that the sessions demand should be very difficult to maintain for more than 10 minutes at a time.

You may also choose to complete more than three sessions per day, but don’t overdo it, this is intense stuff!  Working so hard that your focus is degraded, or not giving yourself enough “down time”, will hinder your progress.



Before you begin the programme, you should read and fully digest all of the articles on the Introduction and Overview sections.

Prepare ahead of every session by reading and digesting the articles for the related drills and instruction.  Then read them again!

Read and consider your notes from previous session logs to help focus your attention on any specific issues.

Prepare your practice environment ahead of time, keeping any equipment that you will need close to hand.

Use your practice station and/or setup sticks for every session.

The 8-Week Programme

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