How to Learn a Great Golf Swing

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How to Learn a Great Golf Swing

The Golf Loopy Swing Like a Champion system is based on the latest scientific understanding of how people learn new movement patterns.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to read the latest research papers on human motor learning in order to learn to Swing Like a Champion — we’ve integrated it all into the learning program presented on this site, you’ll find it simple and intuitive.

However, a deeper understanding of how the mind works will help you to learn faster, to understand why we work the way we do, and to trust and commit to the process.

You may be surprised to know that understanding how your mind learns is also key to playing better out on the course.

Best of all, after reading this article you’ll have the knowledge you need to supercharge your ability to learn any new skill in life.


A Golfer Has Two Brains

Well, all humans do, figuratively speaking.

In recent years, there have been huge breakthroughs in the understanding of how the human mind learns new skills.

It is now generally understood that there are two distinct systems in the brain, two “selves”.

The first is your unconscious self, we’ll call it The Player, it operates automatically and extremely quickly, with little or no effort, and no sense of voluntary control.  The Player is your inner athlete.

The second is your conscious self, we’ll call it The Learner, it gives attention to effortful mental activities, such as complex calculations.  The Learner is powerful but relatively slow.  The Learner gives us the feeling of agency, choice and concentration.

When you think of yourself, you identify with The Learner — your conscious, reasoning self that has beliefs, makes choices, and decides what to think and what to do.

The Player and The Learner have their individual roles and abilities, as well as some important limitations and interdependencies.

The Player creates the impressions and feelings that constantly feed the reasoning of The Learner.  The Player is capable of surprisingly complex patterns of ideas, which we think of as our instincts or “gut feelings”.

The Player is able to perform pre-learned activities incredibly quickly and automatically.  It learns these activities through prolonged practice, storing them so that they can be accessed with or without intention, and without effort.  Through practice, the Learner gives The Player cues, changing The Player’s focus, adding new activities and reprogramming others.

Being skilled at something means that it is primarily The Player that performs that activity — that’s why you can perform it quickly and easily.

You will naturally gravitate to the path requiring least effort, the activities stored by The Player.  This is how habits, good and bad, are formed.

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