Golf Swing Drill 501. Downswing: Great Ball Striking


This is the king of all full swing drills.  It takes the work you’ve been doing in all of the other drills, the isolated movements and progressions that have developed and ingrained your skills, and brings them all together.

Using this drill you will further improve and refine those skills to develop truly fantastic ball striking – hitting the golf ball more solidly, more consistently, further distances and with more control than you have ever done before… Join Now

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…With a little practice, you’ll be able to hit the ball significantly further than you did before you joined Golf Loopy, even with these shorter, easy swings – seemingly without any effort!  Most of our students are two clubs, or more, longer throughout the bag within just a few weeks of starting this drill.  They are also more consistent, more accurate, and have far better distance control than ever before.

To help you check your form, use the printable drill outline and form guide given in Swing like a Champion Free Practice Session FP2 and FP3.

Work on this drill as often as possible, it will dramatically improve every aspect of your golf swing.

Use it every time you practise, at home and at the range.  Focus on the areas of your swing that you have been working on to help integrate them into your full swing.

Use it to warm up and find your rhythm at the beginning of every range session, and before every round of golf.

Once you are proficient, you should use it regularly while out on the golf course, free of technical thoughts, as a practice swing to feel, rehearse and pre-set your rhythm before playing a shot.

You will quickly start striking the golf ball better than you ever dreamed possible!


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Next up:  learn how to get into the perfect impact position every time, starting with Golf Swing 502 – Downswing: The Perfect Golf Impact Position.


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