Golf Swing 503. Downswing: The Great Golf Impact Illusion


Achieving a great impact position in the golf swing, striking the ball with optimal impact conditions, is a result of moving correctly throughout the golf swing, but particularly important is how you release the golf club into impact.

We’ll discuss the release of the golf club, what it is and how to do it, in the next article, Golf Swing 504 – Downswing: How to Release the Golf ClubGolf Swing 504 – Downswing: How to Release the Golf Club.

But one of the reasons that only the very best golfers ever get into a great impact position is that most golfers visualise impact and the release in completely the wrong way.

If you’re using this website to help you build a the golf swing of your dreams, then it’s safe to assume that you don’t have a truly great golf swing, yet.

That’s why we spend so much effort describing the “whys” of the golf swing.  You haven’t, like the select few so-called “naturally talented” golfers, been taught, instinctively discovered, or otherwise stumbled upon, the correct movement patterns that produce a beautiful and powerful golf swing.  Instead, you have some misconceptions that are causing you to move in inefficient and ineffective ways.  Not only do we need to teach you how to move correctly, but we also need to help change the way that you think about the golf swing.

Impact position is a classic case in point, and probably the most damaging to your golf swing.

When you visualise the correct impact position, the chances are that you’ve got it completely wrong, despite the fact that you think you know what it looks like.  You may have watched the top players thousands of times, you may have studied Golf Swing 502 – Downswing: The Perfect Golf Impact Position in great detail, you’ve practised getting into that position on the range, but your mind’s eye is fooling you!

And if you can’t visualise it, how can you ever hope to do it correctly?


Thankfully, the problem is a very simple one, and once you’ve read this article then your thinking, your visualisation, will change completely.

Armed with that knowledge, the following drills on impact and the release will be much easier, and your ball striking will improve immeasurably… Join Now

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…they wonder why a professional golfer can hit a 9 iron further than they hit a 6!


Hopefully this article has helped you to realise that you need to change the way that you visualise your impact position – you may think you’re in a good position, but you are probably releasing the golf club too early, and your hands need to be much further ahead of where they currently are at impact!

Understanding and correct visualisation aren’t enough to guarantee you’ll get in a better position, but they’re crucial to your success.  The forthcoming drills will help you to get into these great positions and “reprogram” your thinking.  You’ll quickly learn how to achieve a great impact position while releasing the golf club with much more speed, striking the golf ball more effectively, consistently, and further than ever before!


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