Swing Like a Champion Training Session: Free Practice FP2


Free practice plan and log:  Print Free Practice Plan FP2
Form Guide:  Print Free Practice Plan FP2 Form Guide

Complete the following activity, in addition to all of the FP1 activities, at any point during the day.

For detailed instructions, please carefully read and digest the relevant drills and instructional articles in the transition and downswing sections, specifically:

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…Focus on form and the quality of your strike.  When you can consistently strike the ball out of the centre of the club face, progress to FP3.

Be Accountable

If you faced any particular issues, record them in your session log now.

At the end of every day, think carefully about what you have achieved, and the issues you’ve faced, and write them down in your free practice log.

When you sharpen a basic skill, everything you do with that skill improves automatically.

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