The Perfect Practice Session


If you’re going to be the best golfer that you possibly can be, then hard work and talent aren’t enough.

For optimal skill development, to improve as quickly as possible and to keep improving, the first thing that you need is an improvement plan that you understand and believe in, that you can fully commit to.

And to put your plan into action, you need to know how to practise – how to structure your time in order to maximise your results.


In this article, I’m going to share with you the basic structure used by Golf Loopy to design every practice session that our students complete – including (especially) our professional and elite amateur golfers…

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…that you need to play this game well.

The result will be that you have a lot more fun when you’re out on the course.


Over the coming weeks we’ll give you everything you need, all the information, techniques, drills, and games that you require, together with a full set of sample session plans that you can adapt to your own needs.  You’ll be able to develop your own practice plan and structure each session so that you can quickly and continuously improve every aspect of your game.


Happy fairways!



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