Golf Wedge Play Drill 201. Touch: Skill Development


To be a great wedge player you certainly need good technique, but technique alone is not nearly enough!

Good technique will enable you to strike the ball consistently well, with controlled spin, trajectory and distance.  With intelligent practice this will free you up to fully leverage your imagination and feel, to forget about mechanics and finesse your shots close to the pin.

But there are other crucial skills that you need to develop in order to make this happen:

  • It’s essential that you are able to judge the best shot for each situation, to visualise it and select the club needed to make that shot.
  • You must be able to pick your landing spot so that the ball will “one hop and stop” near the flag.
  • You need to judge the lie, the wind, the elevation of the green, and the slope of your chosen landing spot, and know how all of these will affect the flight of the ball and how it will react on the green.
  • For true mastery, you must be able to get creative and to shape your shots in order to hold them into the wind or a slope, and to attack tricky pin positions.
  • Most importantly of all, you must be able to precisely adjust your distances, based on your known numbers, to carry the ball the required distance with controlled spin and trajectory – you need to be able to feel how to, say, take 3 yards off a given shot.

This drill gives you a controlled environment in which to develop all of these skills to the highest possible levels, it gives you the crucial feedback that you need to develop your creativity, your touch and finesse, and to take your wedge play game to the next level!

The Drill

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…Take the time to work on this drill regularly  It may not seem as exciting as pounding balls on the range, but time spent here will result in a much more significant improvement to your scores, and the techniques you are practising here will actually improve your long game too!

This article is part of the Golf Loopy Score like a Champion series, the sensational new wedge play game improvement system that will help you to attack the pin from 120 yards and in.  The improvements to your scores will be dramatic, and they will be permanent.

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