Golf Wedge Play Drill 103. Technique: Consistent Effort Level


This is a simple drill that will help you to build a consistent, controlled swing that enables you to precisely dial-in your wedge distances, attack more flags and make more birdies!

Great wedge play is all about touch and feel, you must be able to react to the target and make your shot without thinking about swing mechanics.

But this is a learned skill.  Touch and feel are things that you can develop with intelligent practice, and they require a consistently repeatable swing – and that means a using the same effort level for every partial wedge shot, it needs to be “locked in”.

Effort level is subjective, so you need a way to quantify and practice it.  Students often say “well I can throw a ball accurately to a target without thinking about it, I just see the target and react”.  This is true, but you can only do this because you threw thousands of balls as a child, you practiced it, and the games you played were a very effective way to develop subconscious control.  Using this drill, as part of the Score like a Champion System, you’ll do something similar to what you did as a child to learn ball games, but in a more intelligent, accelerated process.  You will lock your effort level into your subconscious so that you can just trust your feel and react to the target with your wedges, too!

Spend a little time working on this drill, and you’ll quickly lock in a simple, effortless and repeatable swing that you could perform in your sleep.

The Drill

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…Dialling in your effort level this way shouldn’t take very long at all, but you will need to revisit this drill on occasion to reinforce your feels.  Make an evaluation of your effort level part of your post-shot routine, and if it begins to waiver, spend some time on this drill.

A precisely repeatable effort level is a crucial factor in wedge distance, spin and trajectory control, and the time and effort you spend here will quickly be rewarded with more birdie chances and lower scores!

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This article is part of the Golf Loopy Score like a Champion series, the sensational new wedge play game improvement system that will help you to attack the pin from 120 yards and in.  The improvements to your scores will be dramatic, and they will be permanent.

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