Golf Wedge Play 301. Focus: Process is King


The art of wedge play is to choose the correct shot for the given circumstances and then make that shot based on an adjustment to your known numbers.

Knowing how to do this, how to judge the shot, and then to hit the ball solidly to a precise distance, comes with intelligent practice.

Being able to execute these shots reliably out on the course, even under immense pressure, is all about process.

In your mind, the process of evaluating a shot needs to be more important than the shot itself.

The following is the full process that we teach and use ourselves.  It’s not complicated, and it doesn’t slow down play, but it does require focus and discipline.  It also takes a lot of practice.  All of this adds up to more than the average golfer is willing to invest in their game, but it is the key differentiator between being average and being great.  Do you want to be great?

The Process

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…This process works, it’s Tour proven, and it’s made a huge, positive difference to all of our students who have adopted it.

It may be that you want to make changes, that’s fine, you should define and settle on a process that is comfortable for you.  Own it.  Write it down!  Use it in every wedge play practice session, and for every wedge shot played out on the course.

This article is part of the Golf Loopy Score like a Champion series, the sensational new wedge play game improvement system that will help you to attack the pin from 120 yards and in.  The improvements to your scores will be dramatic, and they will be permanent.

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