Golf Wedge Play Drill 104. Technique: Timing and Rhythm


Great wedge play gives you the ability to attack flags, to use your wedges as scoring weapons, making more birdies and saving more pars, even when pins are in positions that would intimidate other golfers.

To do this, you must have precise control over trajectory, spin and distance.  And this, in turn, will enable you to develop great touch and feel, to fully engage your imagination and finesse your shots close to the hole.

We’ve described the best technique for achieving this level of control, and explained how you can use that technique to precisely control distance, spin and trajectory, to make the shots that you visualise.  We’ve also explained how this technique requires a consistent finish position and effort level to dial-in your distances.

The final piece of the shot making equation is rhythm.  Rhythm is important for every golf swing, but especially so with these shorter finesse swings.  Without great rhythm, you’ll struggle to master the art of wedge play, and your consistency will suffer, especially under pressure.

In this drill, we’ll show you how to develop great rhythm in your wedge play.  Not only will this help you to finesse your wedges, it will also help with to gain more control and consistency with your full swing, too!

The Drill

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…every time you practice, even when making rehearsal swings out on the course  After a short time, your rhythm will come naturally, without conscious thought, you’ll just feel it, but it will still need intelligent practice to maintain.  The moment you start to feel rushed, too quick at the top, especially under pressure, spend some more time on this drill to “reset” your rhythm.

Next up:  Golf Wedge Play Drill 105 – Technique: Staying Centred.

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