Golf Wedge Play Drill 108. Technique: Optimal Swing Path


This simple drill will enable you to quickly check your wedge play form, diagnose and eradicate most swing flaws, and to refine the way that you deliver the club to the ball for optimal contact – the result will be crisper, more solid and consistent wedge shots, and lower scores!

Clubface angle will play an important role in the direction and shape of your shots, but the main variables with regard to great ball striking are swing path and angle of attack.

To play wedge shots most effectively, you need to deliver the club in line with the target, and you need to strike the ball consistently out of the sweet spot of the club face.  If your club head path through impact is too far from the inside (in-to-out), or from the outside (out-to-in), then you won’t make consistently optimal contact and you won’t achieve consistent spin, trajectory and distance control.  Your scores will suffer.

And, with these partial swings, you just don’t have time to reroute the club coming into impact, so you need to use your sequencing and timing to deliver the club correctly every time.

The vast majority of golfers don’t deliver the club to the ball correctly, and most don’t know it because they don’t understand it’s importance, they don’t know what “correct” is, and they have no way of measuring it or of diagnosing problems if they did.  In order to know whether you are delivering the club on an optimal path, and to improve if you aren’t, you need feedback that tells you when you are doing it right or wrong, gives you the information that you need to diagnose the cause of any problems, and enables you to quickly correct them.  That’s where this drill comes in…

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….  As soon as you fail, work on the relevant drill, step the pace back a notch and try again.  Repeat until you can clearly feel the movement required to deliver the club on an optimal path.

Use this drill as part of your wedge play training sessions until you have ingrained the correct feels and grooved your swing path, and then retest regularly – feels change over time as we improve, they need to be recalibrated, and you need to be sure that your form is sound.

Next up:  we’ll take this a step further to give you true mastery over your wedge shots, in Golf Wedge Play 109 – Technique: Working the Golf Ball.

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