How to Use the Full Swing System


The Golf Loopy Swing like a Champion system has been carefully designed to be followed in the sequence listed, starting with Golf Swing 101. Setup: Basic Posture, with each article and drill building systematically on the last.

Unlike other golf tuition, we don’t just outline what you need to do.  The Golf Loopy Swing like a Champion system describes, in detail, the “what”, the “why” and, most importantly, the “how” (the “how to do it” and the “how to learn it”) of the golf swing.

Each article will cover a piece of the Golf Loopy Swing like a Champion system.  It will describe:

  • what we are trying to help you achieve;
  • what you need to do to achieve it;
  • why you need to do it;
  • how it works;
  • how to do it and learn it properly;
  • common faults, misunderstandings and myths.


The “how to learn it” part will normally be in the form of a drill, or set of drills, that break the movement down (chunk it and isolate it) so that it can be learned as quickly and effectively as possible.

You should read each article, think about it and digest it, and then practise each drill until you can perform it successfully before moving on to the next step in the given sequence.

Remember, the Golf Loopy Swing like a Champion system is not a collection of tips and drills like you would find elsewhere.  It is a complete system for developing a truly great golf swing.  Every detail that you will need is included, and every part of the system has been carefully designed and tested to work with the other parts in the given sequence.

Some of the early articles touch on more advanced topics.  If you find them too complicated at first, then don’t panic, all will be made clear in later articles and drills.  We’ll also gradually introduce concepts that will change the way you think about the golf swing forever, together with drills that enable you to know what a truly great golf swing feels like.

You may be tempted to skim over some articles or skip them entirely, perhaps because you are happy with that part of your game, because you think you already do what we teach, or because you’re eager to get to the “good stuff”.  This would be a mistake.  Each article assumes and requires that you have read, understood and practised all of the preceding articles, as well as the Introduction section.  Each article has been carefully designed to build your understanding and ability in a specific sequence for optimal results.  Please read How to Learn a Great Golf Swing for more information on how the learning process works.

Please note that articles may be updated from time to time in response to student feedback, so it’s worth reading them again occasionally as you work your way through the system.



Throughout this site, we describe positions and movements for the right-handed golfer.  Apologies to the lefties out there, but rather than complicating the descriptions for everyone with terms like “lead hand” and “trailing foot”, we think that it’s easier for all this way.

Because the golfing world is still dominated by the US and the UK, we use inches, feet and yards, pounds and ounces.  Metric conversions will be given where appropriate.

Spelling shouldn’t be a major issue, but we use UK English.


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If you have any questions or comments about this or other articles on Golf Loopy, please send us an email.

Ready to begin building the golf swing of your dreams?  Let’s get started with Golf Swing 101. Setup: Basic Posture.


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