Golf Swing Drill 403. Transition: Golf’s Magic Move


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could discover a magic move in the golf swing?

What if you could make a simple change to your swing that will instantly and dramatically improve your performance out on the golf course?

Something that great golfers do subconsciously, but most golfers never find, a move that 99.9% of golfers aren’t even aware of.  Something that is hardly ever taught.  A secret.

Something that you could learn in just a few minutes, but is guaranteed to produce a lifetime of improved results.


It would have to be something simple and extremely powerful, and yet subtle, almost impossible to see, even with super slow-motion cameras – otherwise everyone would be teaching it.

Well here it is, the magic move, the secret to great timing, fantastic ball striking and more distance.

If you’ve struggled with the transition up until now, then this drill will be your key to unlock the most powerful move in the golf swing.

Read on, dear friends, and we promise that you will have a better golf swing by the end of the day…

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…After just a little practice, you will be able to take this to the course.  It will take time and work for this move to become natural, to ingrain it so that you perform it correctly every time without thinking, but you will notice an almost instant improvement to your ball striking and consistency.

You’ll find that you can get left much more easily and consistently, moving the bottom of your swing arc forwards and striking the ball beautifully.

After spending just a few minutes on this drill, you will start to feel the golf ball compressing more against the club face, effortlessly launching it further than ever before!

Your golf swing is about to go to the next level!


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