Golf Pitching & Chipping Drill 102. Technique: Stance and Ball Position


Great pitching and chipping is about hitting soft, delicate and precisely accurate shots from around the green, usually from within about 30 yards (27m).  If you can do this consistently, you stand a great chance of getting up and down more often than not – reliably saving par when you miss the green, and even sinking a few for birdie.

Great pitching and chipping is like “having par as a partner”, enabling you to be more confident and aggressive with your approach shots, knowing that you can easily recover from mistakes.  This confidence quickly leads to better shots, and lower scores.

The most important factor in great pitching & chipping, by far, is making great contact with the golf ball.

Great contact will enable you to launch the ball high from a variety of lies around the green, landing it softly close your chosen spot with good control over how the ball will run out to the hole.

Doing all of this consistently requires you to create a steep angle of attack, so that you strike the ball as cleanly as possible – even from an imperfect lie.  You must also use the golf club the way that it was designed – properly using the bounce and loft of your chosen club to skip the bottom of the club off the turf through impact.

This drill will enable you to set up correctly every time, so that you can play great pitch & chip shots without worrying about mechanics, freeing up your imagination and your touch to see and perform the required shot, and knock it close.

Without proper setup, great pitching & chipping is almost impossible…

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…Together, these factors will help to ensure great contact, even in imperfect lies, and give you a controlled and consistently soft, high ball flight.

With a little work, you’ll be able to set up correctly every time without thinking about it, and to swing naturally, without worrying about mechanics, freeing up your imagination and your touch to create the required shot and get the ball close to the hole from almost any lie.

This drill forms part of the Golf Loopy Pitch & Chip like a Champion series, the sensational new pitching and chipping game improvement system that will help you to improve every aspect of your performance around the greens.  The improvements will be dramatic, and they will be permanent.


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