Golf Swing Drill 507. Downswing: The Control Arm


This drill is one of our students’ favourites, and it will soon be yours, because it provides most golfers with an almost instant improvement to their ball striking!

The focus of this drill is on how to use your control arm properly.  The control arm is the left arm, for a right-handed golfer, and is so named because it has primary responsibility for the bottom of the swing arc and the position of the club face through impact – for ball striking quality, consistency, control and accuracy.

With just a little work on this drill, you’ll be striking the golf ball more solidly than ever before – you’ll soon consistently produce that “buttery smooth” feeling that the best golfers get when the ball compresses against the club face through impact, and you’ll achieve much better control over both the direction and the trajectory of your golf shots.


The Drill

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…If you struggle with striking the ball consistently well, this drill will soon make a huge difference to your golf swing, and to your scores.  You’ll learn to easily control your ball flight, to feel where the ball is going with every swing.


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Coming next:  you’ll learn how to use your right arm, the Speed Arm, to transfer energy to the club and hit the ball better and further than ever before, starting with Golf Swing Drill 508a – Downswing: The Speed Arm Axe Drill.


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