Golf Swing Drill 506b. Downswing: Drive the Golf Swing with Your Lower Body


This drill will probably change the way that you think about the golf swing forever, teaching you how the Tour pros move to make the golf swing look so effortless as they generate astonishing club head speed and consistently strike the ball beautifully.

Most golfers know that the lower body is a key source of power in the golf swing, but they just don’t know how to use it properly.

High handicap golfers often don’t use the lower body enough, swinging primarily with their shoulders and arms, using their lower body only for balance, and hitting weak, inconsistent golf shots.

Mid handicappers tend to use their lower body more aggressively, but they unwind their whole body from the top, spinning out of the shot and losing their posture.  They work really hard to try and generate as much speed as they can, but they still can’t hit the ball very far.  And the harder they try, the worse it gets – all that effort never seems to get to the ball, they still hit it short but now they’re spraying it all over the park!

Most of these golfers will simply back off, making easy swings that enable them to stay in balance and strike the ball as best they can, accepting that there is something almost mystical about club head speed, a secret that only the best players have discovered.

Better golfers can use their athleticism to time and sequence the swing better, generating more speed through impact, with more consistency.  But even single-digit handicappers often struggle to deliver their power properly, it still feels like too much hard work!  They drive their lower bodies through impact, but they don’t seem to be able to turn all of that effort into distance.  When they try too hard, the club gets “stuck” behind them and they have to work hard to rescue the shot with their hands – blocks and hooks abound.


Whatever your current ability, this drill will work wonders for your golf swing.  You’ll quickly learn:

  • How to generate more separation and use the ground for tremendous power, whatever your athletic ability.
  • How to stabilise and decelerate your lower body through impact, enabling you to deliver all of that power, in the form of club head speed, where it counts – through impact!
  • How to avoid early extension, “standing up” out of the shot and losing posture, caused by spinning out of the shot or driving with your right side.
  • How to get into a consistent, stable position through impact to deliver the club to the ball in the most effective way possible.
  • And all of this while moving safely, in a manner that is kind to your body and protecting you from discomfort and injury.

You’ll hit the ball further, and you’ll strike it better, with far more consistency.

For more details of the correct golf swing sequencing, and how it works, see the Golf Biomechanics section of this site.

This drill should be performed in conjunction with Golf Swing Drill 506a – Downswing: Sequencing Your Swing for Power – together they will help you to develop proper sequencing for a truly great golf swing.


The Drill

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…you’ll feel much more “on top” of the ball through impact.  You’ll strike the ball more consistently, hitting down and through for a more effective strike, giving you much more distance with a more controlled, penetrating ball flight.

This move gives you more control, more consistency, more distance, and better ball striking.  All while forcing your body into a safer position.


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