Golf Swing Drill 504a. Downswing: The Left Hand Release Movement


In this drill, we’ll begin to build the perfect golf club release into your golf swing.

This is the first of a series of drills that breaks down the movements in the release, isolating them, and then progressively building your skill levels, enabling you to learn and ingrain the correct movement patterns as quickly as possible.

The improvements to your golf swing will be dramatic, and they will be lasting.


For more information on how this learning process works, see How to Learn a Great Golf Swing.


As always, apologies to the lefties out there, but for simplicity this article will describe movements for the right-handed golfer.


As you progress through this series, you’ll learn how to release the golf club with maximal efficiency, enabling you to generate much more club head speed and strike the ball better than ever.

You’ll learn how to get into the perfect impact position every time, moving with the correct sequence and timing, and from the correct origin of movement.

You will optimise your impact dynamics for more consistent, accurate, and powerful golf shots.

And all of this while making sure that you swing safely and without risk of injury.

You will soon be well along the road to achieving tour-calibre ball striking!


For a better understanding of what this drill is trying to achieve, and why these movements work, please see Golf Swing 504 – Downswing: How to Release the Golf Club, Golf Swing 502 –  Downswing: The Perfect Golf Impact Position, and the biomechanics section of this website.


How This Drill Works

This drill teaches you the two key moves of the golf club release…

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… then you’re doing more harm than good.

Your goal is to quickly get to the stage where you move correctly by default, without thinking about it, and any mistakes you make will feel “wrong”.


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Next up:  we’ll ramp it up a notch by performing the same movements with a golf club, in Golf Swing Drill 504b – Downswing: The Left Hand Golf Club Release.


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