Golf Swing 206. Takeaway: The Perfect Golf Club Path


So far in this section we’ve concentrated on how your body should move in the golf swing takeaway, how to use your muscles and how to sense what the perfect takeaway feels like.  Now we’ll describe how the golf club should move in the perfect takeaway.

Most amateur golfers become too fixated on the movement of the golf club, manipulating their hands and body in an effort to keep the club “on plane” as it swings around their body.  This seems to make sense, the movement of the club is clearly the most important aspect of the golf swing — how the club strikes the ball will determine the success of the shot.

However, in order to strike the ball accurately, consistently, safely, and with the power needed for a great golf shot, you must move your body in the most efficient and effective way possible.

What’s more, if you move your body correctly, the golf club will automatically follow the correct path.  Whilst the moment of impact is, in a sense, the only thing that matters in a golf shot, you could equally argue that it is almost incidental — it is simply a by-product of moving your body correctly.

Hence, the Swing like a Champion system concentrates on how to move your body.  But in order to understand what we are trying to achieve and why, and to help determine if you are moving correctly, it is important to discuss the movement of the golf club.


Once again, apologies to the lefties out there, but for simplicity these instructions are given for a right-handed golfer.


How Should the Golf Club Move in the Takeaway?

In Golf Swing 201 – Takeaway: The Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway, we discussed the characteristics of the perfect takeaway…

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…Even one of the best golfers who ever lived would be lucky to make a good shot.


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Next, we’ll discuss some of the common mistakes made in the takeaway, in Golf Swing 207 – Takeaway: Common Faults in the Golf Swing Takeaway, before putting it all together in Golf Swing Drill 208 – Takeaway: Performing the Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway.


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