Putting Drill 301. Touch: How to Improve Your Touch and Consistency on the Greens


Whether you are a weekend warrior, an aspiring amateur, or the world’s #1 professional golfer, the quickest way to lower your scores is to improve your putting touch and consistency.

The average amateur golfer will save 6 strokes per round just by working on the technique described here.


If your putting technique is basically sound, and you’re not too bad at reading greens, then great putting is all about striking the ball consistently, out of the centre of the putter face, and distance control, or touch.

Both consistently solid ball striking and touch can be dramatically improved by discovering and maintaining your natural rhythm…

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…Should you start to struggle on the greens, the very first thing you should do is to spend some time on this drill.  Now that you know your own rhythm, and how to work on it, you will be able to find it again easily.


In no time at all, your distance control will improve dramatically.  After a few weeks, you will hardly ever 3-putt again, and your scorecards will clearly reflect your improvement.

You’re learning to putt like an athlete, using the full power of your instincts, intuition and imagination, and not like a robot.


This drill forms part of the Golf Loopy Putt like a Champion series, the sensational new putting game improvement system that will help you to improve every aspect of your performance on the greens.  The improvements will be dramatic, and they will be permanent.


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