Golf Pitching & Chipping Game: Leapfrog


This is a great game for improving your touch and shot-making skills around the greens.

Shooting a good score requires imagination, as well as great control over distance, trajectory and spin.

How to Play

To play the Leapfrog pitching & chipping game, do the following:

  • Find a cup on the practice green that gives you about 20 yards of green to play with when pitching from the fairway.
  • Pick a spot on the fairway at about 10 yards from the green, 30 yards from the pin.
  • Drop balls and play them as they lie.
  • The aim is to pitch each ball on the green, beyond where the last ball finished, and finishing short of the pin.  Try to get as many balls on the green like this as you can.
  • You get one mulligan.
  • Record the number of balls that you can get onto the green in your practice session log.  Try to beat your best score each time you play.

For example:

  • A golfer pitches her first ball onto the green, and it comes to rest 15 yards short of the pin.
  • With her second ball, she pitches it past the first ball and it rolls to 11 yards from the cup.
  • For the third shot, she pitches it a little short of the second ball’s current position.  This is a foul, so she must discard that shot and take her mulligan.
  • The forth ball is her mulligan, so it counts as shot number three.  She pitches it beyond the second ball and stops it 8 yards from the cup.
  • For shot number four, she pitches it a little further than the forth ball’s resting place, but it kicks forwards and rolls past the pin.  Game over.
  • She scores 3.

It is important that you perform your full pre- and post-shot routine for every pitch.  Read the lie for each shot, and carefully determine the required club, trajectory and landing spot.  Take your time to visualise the shot, try the right amount and react to the target.  Use your post-shot routine to actively build your self-image and learn from your mistakes.

When playing this game, you should be paying full attention and trying your best to make every shot.

A score of 5 is good, 8 or more is excellent.

Always record your score in your practice session log, and try to beat your best score each time you play this game.  The competitive edge is crucial.

After you play, take the time to make notes in your practice session log of any mistakes that you particularly struggled with.  Think about what you can do to improve before the next time you play.

This game forms part of the Golf Loopy Pitch & Chip like a Champion series, the sensational new pitching and chipping game improvement system that will help you to improve every aspect of your performance around the greens.  The improvements will be dramatic, and they will be permanent.


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