Putting Drill 105. Technique: The Unstable Pendulum Drill


The Unstable Pendulum Drill builds upon Putting Drill 104 – Technique: The Pendulum Drill, introducing the hands into our pendulum system.

Most other putting instruction attempts to “freeze” your wrists in an effort to remove their potential inconsistency from the putting equation.  While it is true that active wrists will play havoc with your putting, trying to lock them will destroy your touch and feel, crucial components of a great putting stroke.

This drill is a great way to learn how to keep your wrists quiet, for superb consistency and putter face control, while still giving you great feel in the putting stroke.

The result will be a beautifully smooth “one piece” putting stroke that will maximise your touch and feel while ensuring that you start the ball on line every time…

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…completely stable as you swing the putter.


This drill forms part of the Golf Loopy Putt like a Champion series, the sensational new putting game improvement system that will help you to improve every aspect of your performance on the greens.  The improvements will be dramatic, and they will be permanent.


Next, we’ll work on a drill that uses augmented feedback to help you feel and ingrain the shape of a great putting stroke, in Putting Drill 106 – Technique: The Rail Drill.


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