Decline Push-Up Exercise


The Decline Push-Up Exercise is a challenging variation on a classic movement that will build strength and power in your chest, shoulders and arms.

The Decline Push-Up Exercise forms part of the Golf Strength and Endurance series of innovative and dynamic exercises that are designed to efficiently increase your stabilising strength – supporting proper body alignment, movement patterns, and energy transfer within the golf swing, and helping to prevent injuries.


This exercise requires an exercise bench, step or box.


  • Start in a in a modified push-up position, with your feet on step or bench, and the palms of your hands flat on the floor just outside your shoulders.  Keep your abdominal muscles engaged and your legs and back straight, forming a straight line from your ears to your ankles.
  • Bend your elbows to lower your body until your chest is just above the floor.
  • Press back up, pushing your chest as far away from the floor as possible.
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Keep your abdominal muscles engaged to stabilise your spine, your hips square to the ground, and your back flat throughout the movement.

Keep your shoulder blades pulled down throughout (keep them away from your ears).  At the top of the movement, push your shoulder blades away from each other in “plus” position (as far forwards as possible).

Keep your head in a neutral position, with your eyes looking at a point on the floor under you.

You should feel it working your chest (pecs), shoulders, and triceps.


There are a number of other variations on the classic push-up exercise in the Golf Loopy Train like a Champion System, which you can view by clicking here.


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