Golf Swing Drill 303. Backswing: Full Shoulder Turn with Weight Shift


In this drill you will learn one of the most important parts of a great golf swing; how to correctly make a full turn in the backswing while shifting your weight.

You’ll learn how to initiate a sequence of movements that gets your body into the perfect position, every time, to make a powerful, efficient, accurate, consistent and safe downswing.

With a little practice, this drill will help you to generate much more power in your golf swing, and avoid many of the faults which plague amateur golfers — such as over swinging, the reverse pivot, spinning your hips, and losing your spine angle.

You will quickly learn how to move in a way that reduces the strain placed on your body by the golf swing, avoiding golf-related back pain and discomfort, and preventing long-term damage…

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…what it feels like to get it wrong, as well as correct.  Train your proprioception.

Your goal is to quickly get to the stage where you move correctly by default, without thinking about it, and any mistakes you make will feel “wrong”.


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Next up:  we’ll learn how moving the arms in the backswing is very simple, now that we know how to turn, in Golf Swing Drill 304 – Backswing: Arm Position at the Top of the Golf Swing.


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