Golf Swing Drill 306. Backswing: Arm Set and Turn


This is one of our students’ favourite drills, and with good reason.  Not only does it teach you what the top of the golf backswing position should feel like, but it also introduces some key elements of the correct backswing movement.

This is a very simple but extremely effective drill that we’re sure you’ll want to work on again and again, whenever you find yourself in front of a mirror – just be prepared for some strange looks when you’re caught doing it in a department store, or in the restroom at work!

Using this drill, you’ll quickly learn how to get into a great position at the top, every time.  You’ll be able to check and improve the quality of your backswing movement, and your whole golf swing will improve dramatically and permanently, giving you better ball striking, more consistency, and more distance than ever before…

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Next up:  Let’s put it all together and build a fantastic backswing, in Golf Swing Drill 307 – Backswing: Create Width for More Distance.


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