Golf Swing Drill 307. Backswing: Create Width for More Distance


This great drill will quickly help you to hit the ball further and more consistently than ever before.

You will learn what it feels like to move more effectively in the backswing, a movement common to every great golfer – and lacking in every high handicapper.

You will learn how to create more width and a make a much more powerful turn, using a simpler movement to get you and the golf club into the ideal position, ready to generate huge club head speed in the downswing.

Golfers who struggle with slicing the golf ball, lack of distance, making a full turn, a flying right elbow, keeping their left arm straight, or getting the club on plane, will see dramatic improvements after working on this drill for a short time.  Even elite golfers with an excellent golf swing will be able to get into a much more powerful and consistent position at the top…

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…result is lack of power, a probable over-the-top slice-producing move, and creation of club head speed in the wrong place, all resulting in a huge loss of distance and accuracy.  Horrible!

This drill will help to fix all of that once and for all.  The result will be more power, more club head speed through impact, and better consistency.


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