Golf Swing Drill 402. Transition: Building Lag for Amazing Distance


Now that you’ve started learning how to use your lower body in the transition to create power and consistency, it’s time to look at how your arms, hands and the golf club work as your body changes direction in order to begin a truly great golf downswing.

You may already know that creating golf club lag in the downswing is the most important factor in generating club head speed through impact, but most golfers don’t understand how to do it properly, and they don’t realise that lag also plays a key role in the consistency of a great golf swing.

Creating lag is often considered to be something elusive, even mystical, reserved only for the strongest and most talented golfers, but we’re about to teach you that it’s actually very simple – it’s just a matter of learning how to move your body correctly, and it doesn’t require any special athletic ability at all.

For 99% of amateur golfers, this simple drill will completely transform your golf swing and quickly give you an extra 20 yards off the tee, with far less effort and more consistency…

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Next, we’re going to show you how to use your right foot to help initiate the transition and make everything simpler, in Golf Swing Drill 403 – Transition: Golf’s Magic Move.


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