Golf Swing Drill 204. Takeaway: Turn with Weight Shift


Once you are adept at turning your chest independently of your hips, which you have been working on in Golf Swing Drill 203 – Core Disassociation, this drill extends that movement by introducing one of the most important aspects of the takeaway; a weight shift away from the target.

If you are not yet able to turn your chest about 45 degrees without moving your hips, then go back and continue working on drills 202 and 203.  Rushing ahead with this drill without mastering the basic movement will only slow your progress.

Once again, apologies to the lefties out there, but for simplicity these instructions are given for a right-handed golfer…

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…independently of your hips and pelvis, without feeling that you need to resist with your hips.


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Once you can turn 45 degrees, while keeping your hips, shoulders and arms passive, and shift 80% of your weight onto the inside of your right ankle, we’ll progress by introducing the correct movement of your arms and hands, in Golf Swing Drill 205 – Takeaway: Turn with Shoulder Flexion.


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