Golf Swing Drill 202. Pelvic Disassociation


We start learning how to move in the perfect takeaway with a movement that isn’t actually part of the takeaway itself.

Moving your pelvis independently of your shoulders is crucial for a good golf swing, especially in the transition and downswing, helping you to both create and close the separation of your pelvis and shoulders for power and consistency.  In order to prepare your subconscious mind and your body for the correct sequencing in the transition, it is important that you begin the swing by moving your pelvis and shoulders independently — you are triggering a chain reaction (the golf swing kinematic sequence).

During the takeaway, you will begin to create this separation by turning your upper body away from the target while keeping your hips still.  This drill does the opposite, and is designed to make you more aware of the muscles involved in that movement, specifically your obliques.

This drill is based on the Pelvic Disassociation Exercise, which can be found in the mobility exercise section of the Golf Loopy Train like a Champion System.  We recommend that you include the golf-specific mobility exercises into your daily routine, they will help you to improve mobility, control, stability and power generation in your golf swing…

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…as they pull on your lower body.


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Once you can really feel your obliques working, we’ll progress towards the actual first movement of the golf swing, in Golf Swing Drill 203 – Core Disassociation.


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