Drill 205. Takeaway: Turn with Shoulder Flexion

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Drill 205. Takeaway: Turn with Shoulder Flexion

Once you are adept at turning your chest independently of your hips, from your perfect address position, while at the same time shifting your weight, which you have been working on in Drill 204 – Takeaway: Turn with Weight Shift, this drill builds upon that movement by lifting (flexingShoulder flexion moves the upper arm upwards to the front.) your arms and rotating them slightly as you turn.

You’ll note that we’re not yet introducing a golf club into the takeaway drills — you’re learning how to move your body, how to turn correctly while shifting your weight, and now how to lift your arms while keeping your hands in front of your chest.  The best way to learn how to move correctly, to build the required neural pathways so that you can ingrain the proper movement and perform it automatically, is by building the movement a piece at a time, and by isolating each piece so that you can learn what the proper movement feels like.  Once you can do this properly, the golf club will almost automatically move along the perfect path, as we’ll see shortly.

You will probably find this drill surprisingly difficult to perform perfectly, at first.  But it’s well worth taking the time to master it, it is the crucial first move away from the golf ball, and it will set you on track for a beautiful golf swing…

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