Golf Swing Drill 401a. Transition: Origin of Movement and Weight Shift


So here it is, golf’s “magic move”, the transition.

This is the first of four simple drills that will enable you to quickly learn the most elusive movement in golf – the signature move of a great golf swing, the move that makes a highly skilled golfer’s swing look fluid and effortless.

This is the move that will take your game to the next level.

Once again, apologies to the lefties out there, but for simplicity this article will describe movements for the right-handed golfer.


The Transition Sequence

The golf swing transition was discussed in detail in Golf Swing 401 – Transition: How to Perform the Perfect Golf Swing Transition.

To begin learning how to perform the transition, let’s remind ourselves what the purpose and sequence of the golf swing transition are:

  • Get left.
  • Get stable.
  • Get powerful.

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Next, we’ll take our work on the  transition one step further, with Golf Swing Drill 401b – Transition: Left Hip Pull, Turn and Squat for Greater Consistency.


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