Golf Swing 401. Transition: How to Perform the Perfect Golf Swing Transition


The transition is golf’s “magic move”.  The quality of movement during the golf swing transition is the thing that, perhaps more than anything else, separates the scratch golfer from the high handicapper, the professional golfer from the club champion, and the world’s best from the journeyman professional.

A proper transition is the thing that makes a great golf swing look fluid and effortless.

The transition starts when the first segment of your body changes its direction of rotation, and ends when the last segment of your body reverses its motion.  When done correctly, it is the short space of time between when the golfer begins to shift weight back towards the target using the lower body, to when the golf club head changes direction at the “top of the backswing”.

There is no static “top of the backswing” position – the golf swing is not back, and then down.  In a great golf swing – one with power, accuracy, and consistency – the backswing and downswing must be blended together by the transition.

If you don’t perform the transition movement correctly, you will always struggle with your golf swing.

Every good golfer performs the transition well.  Every great golfer does it better…

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…you are learning how it works and you’ll quickly master the movements by spending some time working on the drills that follow.

In no time at all your golf swing will be transformed forever – you will generate more power, strike the ball better with more consistency, and all with less effort, than you ever thought possible.


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Now, let’s get started on the drills that will enable you to quickly learn how to perform the perfect transition, transforming your golf swing forever, starting with Golf Swing Drill 401a – Transition: Origin of Movement and Weight Shift.


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