Structure of a Golf Performance Programme


The Golf Loopy golf performance programmes are each divided into 5 phases, each phase lasting 3 weeks.

As you progress through the programmes, the exercises progressively build on your functional mobility, stability, strength, power and endurance.

Each phase takes the gains you have made and builds and refines them, introducing new exercises that challenge your body in different ways, constantly enhancing your golf performance.


Phase Presentation

In Golf Performance Programme 560 and 460, each phase is presented as a week’s schedule, which you repeat 3 times.

Each week has workouts focussed primarily on your upper and lower body performance.

Golf Performance Programme 560 has an additional workout, called Energy, which builds further on your mobility and general fitness levels.

Golf Performance Programme 360 is presented on a weekly basis, with the upper and lower body workouts cycling throughout the phase.

All of the programmes have an optional Mobility workout, which we recommend that you try to find time for in weeks when you’re not playing golf.


Each phase relies on the benefits provided by the previous sections, so you shouldn’t miss any of them out – doing so will hinder your progress and may lead to injury.

If you already have a high level of fitness, you may find some of the exercises easy.  In this case, you may wish to swap them for the more challenging alternatives provided in the exercise descriptions.


Workout Presentation

Every exercise in the Golf Loopy golf performance programmes is specifically chosen to work, in conjunction with the others, to progressively improve your golf performance.

For information on how to read the workout sections, see How to Read a Golf Performance Programme Workout.

Each exercise has a range of benefits, but they are organised within the workouts in sections that focus on specific performance needs:  Protection, Movement, Power, Strength, Vitality, and Recovery & Regeneration.

All of the sections rely on the benefits provided by the other sections, so you shouldn’t miss any of them out of your workouts.

Energy workouts don’t have a Power or Strength section, and are focussed more on Movement and Vitality.  Mobility workouts are the same but lacking the Vitality section, they are low intensity workouts primarily aimed at improving your mobility.



This section contains exercises that are specifically designed for injury prevention.  This section will protect you from pain and injury by building strength and stability around the most vulnerable areas of your body, while improving your mobility, balance and joint function.



This section is focussed on developing your mobility, stability, balance and body awareness, and on raising your body temperature ready for the more challenging exercises ahead.

The exercises in this section will work together to build stability in your joints and core, improve your joint and muscle mobility, and increase your functional strength throughout the full range of motion required for a great golf swing.



This section will build explosive power into your golf swing, increasing club head speed and shot distance.



This section is designed to increase your stabilising strength, supporting proper body alignment, movement patterns, and energy transfer within the golf swing.



This is the only section of each workout that isn’t golf-specific, though it will still help your game enormously.

The Vitality section will build your stamina, helping you to sustain your best performance and maintain your concentration throughout a long day of golf.

These mini-workouts are high density and high intensity, designed to improve your general fitness and endurance.

These last few minutes of each workout, before cooling down, are the most intense part.  You will push your body hard and work near your anaerobic threshold, literally forcing your body to burn fat.

In as little as 4 minutes, the Vitality section will give you the same results as, or better than, 30 minutes of traditional cardio training.


Recovery & Regeneration

This section is aimed at improving the health and quality of your muscle tissues and joints, thus helping you to perform better on and off the golf course.


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