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You will only achieve positive results from the Golf Loopy Train like a Champion System if you are performing the exercises correctly and you carefully follow the guidelines presented here.


By using our website you accept our terms and conditions in full.

These recommendations are not medical guidelines.  This website is for educational purposes only.


The advice and instruction given on this website is designed for healthy individuals aged 18 years and older only.

See your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program.

You must have a complete physical examination if you are sedentary, if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes, if you are overweight, or if you are over 30 years old.

If you are taking any medications, or you have any medical condition or injury that may contraindicate physical activity, you must talk to your physician before starting any exercise program.

The exercises and dietary programs on this website are not intended as a substitute for any exercise routine or treatment or dietary regimen that may have been prescribed by your physician.


All forms of exercise pose some inherent risks.  We advise all readers to take full responsibility for their safety and know their limits.

Before practising the exercises on this website, be sure that your equipment is well-maintained, and do not take risks beyond your level of experience, aptitude, training and fitness.

If you experience any light-headedness, dizziness, or shortness of breath while exercising, stop and consult a physician.


Here are a few tips to help you to maximise your results:

  • Don’t lift heavy weights if you are alone, inexperienced, injured, or fatigued.  Always ask for instruction and assistance when lifting.
  • Don’t perform any exercise unless you have been shown the proper technique by a certified personal trainer or certified strength and conditioning specialist.
  • If it hurts, stop!  Don’t be afraid to use alternative exercises.  We don’t believe in the “no pain, no gain” mentality.
  • If you feel dizzy, stop!  If you need extra recovery time within the workout or between workouts, don’t hesitate to take it.
  • Whenever you start a new programme, use lighter weights than normal, and start with the easier alternative exercises if appropriate.  The new movements will cause muscle soreness, even from workouts that you may think look easy.
  • Never skip the warm-up (Protection and Movement) and cool-down (Recovery & Regeneration) sections in the workouts.


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