Will Physical Fitness Improve My Golf?


The answer is an emphatic YES!  Improved physical fitness can improve your golf in more ways than most golfers realise, but it needs to be the right kind of functional fitness.

If you are serious about improving your game, it’s important to understand how and why this works.

It is obvious that the world’s best golfers are in better shape, they’re more athletic, than ever before.  There are clearly some great golfers who don’t look particularly athletic, but to stay consistently amongst the top flight these days you need to be in great physical condition.

But, as we’ll discuss here, physical fitness isn’t just important at the elite level, far from it!

The situation is confused by golf pundits who continually tell us how it is equipment that enables golfers to hit the ball so much further than a few years ago – it’s easier to put it down to technology than to accept that the new generation of golfers are physically “better” than the old guard.

Almost the whole golf industry is constantly trying to sell us new technology in the form of clubs, balls and training aids that promise us more distance off the tee.  In a sport played mostly by affluent middle-aged men, many of whom are a little “soft around the middle”, it’s an easy sell!  Staying fit is time-consuming, and it’s too much like hard work – golf is supposed to be recreational, relaxing!

Equipment has certainly played its part, but it’s only a part of the equation.

Think about it, even with all the improvements in equipment technology, there has been no change in the average amateur handicap for over 30 years!

In a time when tournament golf courses are being made so long and so tough that they’re all but unplayable by the average golfer, most of us can’t get the ball in the hole any quicker than our grandfathers did!

Improved swing mechanics and physical condition are the primary reasons that elite golfers are hitting the ball further and better than ever before.

No matter what the industry is trying to sell you, the most important piece of equipment you have on the golf course is your own body.


How Will Fitness Help My Game?

Whatever level you play golf at, whether you’re an aspiring tour professional or you just enjoy a round with your friends at weekends, improving your physical fitness will help you to play better.

No matter how old you are or what your current physical condition is, improving your fitness in the right ways will enable you to get more fun out of your golf, and to enjoy this great game until much later in life.

In fact, a fitness regimen that focuses on your mobility and stability can significantly reverse many of the adverse effects of ageing.

And, contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about hitting the ball further.

Physical fitness is important for any golfer who wants to avoid injury, hit the ball more accurately and consistently, lower their scores, feel better and have more fun, and yes, hit the ball further!

But it needs to be the right kind of fitness.


Golf-Specific Fitness

Getting bigger, increased muscle mass, won’t in itself help you play better golf, and beyond a certain limit it will hinder your mobility.

You don’t need much raw strength to hit the golf ball further or better – you need stabilising strength in the right areas, and you need to be able to generate explosive power that can be transformed into club head speed.

The sort of exercises that most people do at the gym aren’t much use for golf.

By using machines that isolate certain movements, you aren’t creating the mobility and stability you need to support an efficient golf swing.

And performing monotonous cardio exercise does little to build the endurance that you’ll need to perform at your best coming down the stretch.


An effective golf-specific fitness regimen needs to work on your mobility, stability, balance, body-awareness, muscle control, strength, and power.

It needs to strengthen the whole kinetic chain, removing any weak links and improving it’s overall efficiency.

It must give you the endurance that you need to perform at your best for 18 holes of golf or more, every time you go out on the course.

It needs to improve your general health and reduce your risk of injury.

And it needs to do all of this while focussing on the muscles, joints, and connective tissues that directly affect the accuracy, distance, and consistency of your golf shots.


The Golf Loopy Train like a Champion System

Based on the latest sport and exercise science, and on Golf Loopy’s unparalleled understanding of the biomechanics of the golf swing, the Golf Loopy Train like a Champion System is a collection of innovative golf-specific exercises and dynamic workouts that are specifically designed to improve your performance on the golf course, as well as your general health.

The Golf Loopy Train like a Champion System workouts won’t only increase the power that you can generate in your golf swing, they will also:

  • efficiently increase your stabilising strength – supporting proper body alignment, movement patterns, and energy transfer within the golf swing;
  • lengthen, strengthen, stabilise, and balance your muscles – improving mobility, balance and joint function;
  • improve your body awareness (your kinesthetic awareness and proprioception) and fine muscle control to improve your shot-making skills;
  • improve the health and quality of your muscle tissues and joints;
  • prepare your nervous system for performing a fluid and repeatable golf swing;
  • improve your endurance and mental focus on the back 9;
  • protect you from pain and injury by building strength and stability around your most vulnerable areas.

All of which will help you to perform better on and off the golf course.


It works hand-in-glove with the Swing like a Champion system to build and enable a truly great golf swing.  Together, they form a total golf performance improvement programme.

The Golf Loopy Train like a Champion System provides complete exercise programmes suited to every level of golfer, and to every aspiration.

Whether you need to get that extra 15 yards to compete on tour, you dream of winning next year’s club championship, or you’d just love to take money off your regular Sunday four-ball, the Golf Loopy Train like a Champion System will help you to achieve your goals while protecting you from injury, improving your health, as well as helping you to look and feel better on and off the golf course.  It will also enable you to play for longer and have more fun!


What would you think if we promised you that you will drive the ball as much as an extra 60 yards?

Or that you’d find more fairways off the tee, and have the power and control to attack more flags?

How about more precision in your short game?

What if you could play golf without pain and remain injury-free?

Or if you could have more energy in the closing holes of a tough round?

Perhaps you could extend your golfing life, play more rounds with your friends and enjoy this great game for longer?

The Golf Loopy Train like a Champion System, in combination with the Swing like a Champion system, can give you all of that.  It is tried, tested, and proven.

Oh, and by the way, it will also serve to improve your health, help you lose weight, give you more vitality throughout the day, and you’ll probably live longer.

Isn’t that worth a little time and effort?


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