The Perfect Golf Warm Up


The Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up will make you a better golfer.  More than any lesson.  More than any new clubs.  More than any training aid.

The Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up will prepare your mind and body for playing golf to the best of your ability on any given day, and over time it will improve your strength, balance, coordination, mobility and stability.

Based on the latest sport and exercise science, and on Golf Loopy’s unparalleled understanding of the biomechanics of the golf swing, the Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up is a series of innovative and dynamic movements that is designed to increase your core temperature as it lengthens, strengthens, stabilises, and balances your muscles, all the while preparing your nervous system for playing golf and strengthening your body.  It will prepare you for making a fluid and repeatable golf swing, and establish mental focus.

The Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up doesn’t require any equipment, it only takes 7 minutes to complete, and it can be performed at home, in the changing rooms, on the practice ground or by the first tee.


Far Better Than Static Stretching

Traditional stretch-and-hold, or “static” stretching, when executed properly, is of great benefit after a round of golf.  However, static stretching routines performed before playing golf can increase your flexibility for only a short time.  There is little scientific evidence that such routines can improve golf performance, reduce muscular soreness or prevent injuries.

Not only is static stretching ineffective prior to a round of golf, it will actually impede your performance.  A static stretch is designed to put your muscles in a submissive hold until they shut down.  That’s the last thing you want for the dynamic and elastic activity that is the golf swing.

The goal of static stretching is to relax your muscles, to allow you to get into a stretched position and hold it.  In the Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up, you’re going to contract your muscles, which is to say you’ll be activating them by squeezing them – thus lengthening and strengthening your muscles in the same movement, known as active elongation.  This will improve the long-term mobility and flexibility of your muscles.  Rather than have them stretch and go back to where they were – as is the case with static stretching – the Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up will help your body remember and use those ranges of motion.

As opposed to a traditional stretch and warm-up, the Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up will actually make you stronger and will provide long-term flexibility gains.  You’ll actively elongate your muscles in a series of movements which will improve your balance, coordination, mobility and stability – all of which are crucial for playing your best golf.  You will give your body the ability to create a more natural, fluid and repeatable golf swing.

The Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up will help you to “dial in”, both physically and mentally, to your best golf.  It will increase your heart rate, your core temperature, and the blood flow to your muscles.

It will activate dormant muscle groups, including all the small muscles around your joints that provide stability and control, thus improving your posture and golf performance, and decreasing the potential for injury or discomfort.

It will fire up the neuromuscular relationship between opposing muscle groups, known as reciprocal inhibition (which is the technical way of saying that when one muscle group contracts, the other relaxes).  This coordination between opposing muscle groups is crucial for performing an efficient, balanced and controlled golf swing.  The Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up wakes these muscle groups up and activates the linkage between them, and not just for a few minutes, they’ll remain switched on for the rest of the day.

In switching on your body’s small muscles, the Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up also fine-tunes your sense of proprioception.  It prepares your body for controlled and precise movement by awakening its nerves and feedback mechanisms – it will improve your body’s ability to process information.


It Only Takes 7 Minutes

Though the Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up only takes about 7 minutes, you will feel like you’re having a mini-workout, raising your body temperature and breaking into a light sweat.

If you’re not familiar with a dynamic warm-up before you play golf, this may feel a little strenuous at first.  Stick with it, your body will quickly condition itself to these exercises, and the benefits to your play will be significant.

When you’re done, you will feel warmed up, rather than worn down.  You’ll be ready to perform at your best immediately, no longer having to wait until nearly halfway through a round to feel loosened up.

Performing the Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up will make your body stronger and more stable, increasing your power output, your club head speed, your consistency and your endurance.  Do it before every round of golf or practice session.  Use static stretching after your round.


We realise that convincing many golfers to do any form of pre-round preparation is a big ask, we see it when giving lessons all the time.  Most golfers just roll up to the first tee, maybe do a couple of practice swings, perhaps a simple static stretch or two, and they’re off.  But performing the Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up before every round of golf will do more for your game than any golf lesson ever could, and it will improve your scores more than any new piece of equipment ever will.  It really is worth the effort if you want to play your best golf, improve your mobility and stability, and stay injury-free.

You might feel a little self-conscious doing these exercises, but don’t worry about what others think of your pre-round routine.  You’ll thrive from the first tee while they struggle to loosen up, and you’ll still be going strong long after they begin to tire.  Even better, the benefits are cumulative – your game will get better and better as your mobility, flexibility and strength improve over time.

And, if you’re a senior golfer, don’t think that you’re too old for this sort of exercise.  The Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up will help you to re-establish the mobility, coordination, and joint stability that you enjoyed in your younger years.  You’ll improve your game and your health, get more enjoyment from this wonderful game, and still be playing great golf for many years to come.

Golf Loopy aims to give you a wonderful golf swing and make you a complete golfer, but if you only take one thing from this website, make it the Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up.


The Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up

You should perform the Golf Loopy Perfect Warm Up before every round of golf or practice session.  When playing golf, complete this routine when (or shortly before) you first arrive at the course, before going to the practice range.

Perform each of the following exercises for the amount of time specified:


Exercise Duration
Standing Body Rotation 30 seconds View Details
Squat 30 seconds View Details
Inchworm 60 seconds View Details
Forward Lunge Elbow to Instep 60 seconds View Details
Ys 30 seconds View Details
Ws 30 seconds View Details
Progressive Core Rotation to Lateral Flexion 30 seconds View Details
Shoulder Stretch 30 seconds View Details
Shoulder and Triceps Stretch 30 seconds View Details
Wrist Stretch 15 seconds View Details
Forearm Stretch 15 seconds View Details
Neck Stretch 60 seconds View Details

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