Will I Have a Golf Swing Like Adam Scott?


Using the Golf Loopy Swing like a Champion system, can you build a golf swing that is as good as Adam Scott’s?  Yes, absolutely!

Will you swing exactly like Adam?  No, but pretty close.

Adam Scott’s golf swing isn’t a perfect model for the Swing like a Champion System Pattern, but it’s not too far off.  Adam’s swing has a lot of characteristics that you’d do well to incorporate into your own swing, but his swing isn’t perfect.

Other golfers who have golf swings that are very similar to what we teach include Tiger Woods at his best, Henrik Stenson, Justin Rose, Charl Schwartzel, Louis Oosthuizen, Gary Woodland, Luke Donald and Sean O’Hair.  We strongly recommend that you take the time to watch their swings often, there are videos and swing sequences of them available in the Golf Loopy Swing LibraryThere’s a huge amount to be learned from watching any professional golfer’s swing, but these guys in particular move in a way that is very similar to what a Golf Loopy student will achieve.  Just watching them will help you to get a better feel for many of the biomechanically correct movements that Golf Loopy will incorporate into your swing.

Just because a swing is effective doesn’t make it efficient and safe.

Any successful Tour professional obviously has a very effective golf swing, a swing that most golfers would be thrilled to have.

But just because a particular swing pattern is highly effective doesn’t make it safe, far from it.  Many Tour player’s swings include biomechanically unsafe movements that increase the chance of injury.  Tour players play a lot of golf, and they’ve built up very strong muscle fibres that protect them from hurting themselves, but even so, most of their careers will be interrupted through injury at some point, and some will require surgery, even hip replacement.  Remember, this is a non-contact sport, the vast majority of golf-related injuries are caused by unsafe movements.

And a Tour player’s swing isn’t necessarily highly efficient, either.  All Tour player’s swings contain some unnecessary and inefficient movements, some far more than others, which means they use more muscular effort than necessary to create Tour-calibre impact positions and swing speeds.  These unnecessary movements also require compensations, which lead to inconsistency, and players have to practise more than would otherwise be necessary in order to ingrain the compensations required by their unnecessary movements.

Trying to copy a particular Tour player means trying to implement their inefficient or unsafe movements, as well as the good stuff.  You will struggle with your game, you’ll waste a lot of time practising unnecessary movements, you may suffer from severe discomfort at times, and you could seriously hurt yourself.

Golf Loopy have spent a huge amount of time studying the swings of elite golfers, using the very latest science and technology.  But the Golf Loopy Swing like a Champion system is not based on what Adam Scott, or any other Tour player, does.  Nor is it based on a combination of common Tour swing traits, as is so often done in books and magazines, which results in a confused, self-contradictory, lowest common denominator swing that is almost impossible to learn.  Instead, the Golf Loopy Swing like a Champion system is based entirely on objective science, it is biomechanically perfect in terms of efficiency, accuracy, consistency and safety.

It allows you to achieve the best that the human body can produce.

And it enables you to learn in the most effective, quickest and most lasting way possible.

Unlike any other golf swing tuition, we give you a road map, a system that you can follow, step-by-step, to build a great golf swing.  And when you find that you are struggling, as we all do from time to time, because you have a detailed road map you will be able to quickly get your swing back on track.

You don’t need to be a super athlete, either.  The Golf Loopy Swing like a Champion system will enable you to get the very best from what you have.

If you do have ambitions to play golf at elite levels, or just to be the best that you can be, and you want to work on your strength and fitness, then the Golf Loopy Swing like a Champion system will enable you to fully leverage your improved athleticism and translate it onto the golf course.  We will soon be publishing a complete series of golf-specific fitness articles and exercises on this site that will help you to do this quickly.

There is more to winning golf tournaments than having a great golf swing.  To be the best you’ll also need to work on putting, chipping, pitching, the sand game, trouble play, golf fitness, course management and the mental game, all of which will be discussed in detail on this site.  But the Swing like a Champion System will put you further down the middle of the fairway, help you reach more greens in regulation, get closer to the pin with approach shots, and be more consistent.

With easy to follow, precise and eye-opening instruction, Golf Loopy will teach you how to build the great golf swing you have always dreamt of — every bit as good as Adam Scott’s.

If you have any questions or comments about this or other articles on Golf Loopy, please send us an email.

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